Shenmue 3 Is Out Now
Time: Nov. 22, 2019

Shenmue 3 is finally here, ending nearly 20 years of god ue drought. The series first appeared in the dream team and the latest game was released in 2001. It was always planned as a bigger story, but fans of the series have been waiting a long time to see it return.


The story revolves around Ryo Hazuki, and a recently released trailer shows elements of nostalgia and a continuing storyline like the villain randy. Neither of the first two games was a commercial success, but the series continues to be popular because of its depiction of everyday life in Japan and its storyline.


In addition to the long wait for a sequel, Shenmue 3 itself has been a long wait. Kickstarter was launched on June 15,  2015 and quickly broke crowdfunding records at SONY's E3 press conference. Original director Keiji okayama returns to the director's revival project. It is available on PS4 and PC, although its exclusivity on the epic game store on PC has caused some controversy.


Still, the Kickstarter success shows that fan demand is high, so a success in this respect can guarantee the success of the sequel and achieve the series' goal of becoming a multi-part epic. If you need a footnote, a remake of Shenmue 1 & 2 was released last year.